8 Things Every Shah Rukh Khan Fan Must Do Once In Their Lives

Aaliyah Jain

Shah Rukh Khan, the actor who is nothing less than an institution, has garnered several fans across the world. While some never miss watching the first show of his movies in theatres, others religiously visit outside of his house to catch a glimpse of the actor.

Here, we have made a checklist of things that every fan of the megastar should add to his bucket list. Let’s check these things, shall we?

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1. Join thousands of his fans outside his house on his birthday.

There’s no secret that his palatial residence is nothing less than a tourist attraction as several people visit and click pictures all the time outside his home. However, on each of his birthdays, hundreds of thousands of his fans flood the streets outside his home to shower their love and blessings on the actor and become a part of his iconic birthday selfie. Therefore, it has to be our first mission, as his fans, to check this action off our list.

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2. Travel to all the places he has ever shot at.

From romancing in the snow-clad mountains to giving us some massive love goals in the desert, the versatile actor has given us some serious travel goals in the last thirty long years. He made us transport into a dreamy sequence with each of these places. Be it the mesmerizing castles of Scotland in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, the beautiful islands of Mykonos in Chalte Chalte or the snow-capped alps of Switzerland in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge, each of these stunning destinations should be on our bucket list.

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3. Book tickets for his upcoming movie and watch the first show.

It sounds quite obvious but we don’t want to take any risk, right? We don’t care if the actor has a full-fledged role or just a cameo in the entire movie, we book the tickets for the first show on day one – that’s the rule.

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4. Fall in love and romance like him.

We can bet that most of the actor’s fans are soft-hearted and die-hard romantics. We all want our dupattas and kurta’s buttons to get stuck together and produce some awesome love stories. If you are his true-blue fan, you should deeply fall in love and hit cheesy lines from his movies on your partner for an awesome future together.

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5. Have a never-ending movie marathon of all his movies.

Imagine doing nothing and watching all his movies, one after the other, in a dark room on a massive screen while binge-eating popcorn and endless cuddles. Sounds about correct, right? If your heart melted while reading, then this is your cue to arrange that movie marathon night and tick this thing off your list.  

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6. Hack his oh-so-awesome looks.

From his ‘cool’ chain and leather jackets to his iconic hairdos, fans never miss a chance to don the actor’s famous clothes and accessories. Therefore, step out and grab those little souvenirs – like sunglasses or bracelets – to ace the oh-so-perfect look of the actor.

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7. Attend an event where he’s present to see him in real life.

It’s a dream for all his fans to see and witness his charm in the flesh. Be it an interview or an event, we all know the value of his charm and wit during conversations and speeches. Therefore, plan your next trip according to his events and you are good to go.

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8. Do his signature pose right outside his house.

Lastly, how can forget his signature arms-stretched pose? To prove your love for the actor, all you have to do is to imitate his pose right outside his house because kehte hain, agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho toh poori kainaat usse tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai.

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How many of these things have you already ticked off?

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