13 Things That Will Die With Millennials

Prakriti Srivastava

Hello to all the millennials out there! How tired have you been reading articles about yourselves? Especially, the ones that said millennials ruin everything? Well, here’s another article on millennials but this one won’t blame you, although it might make you sad when you realise that the fond memory of these things is probably gonna die with you.

Warning: This post will make you nostalgic.

1. Memory of life without the internet.

Source: KreedOn

2. The not-so-good ol’ days when you had to get off the internet to call someone – aka dial-up internet

3. Remember when we only had 1 GB of internet for the entire month and we had to use it economically and then had some left at the end of the month so we watched YouTube videos at the best resolution to utilise it? And the free calls and internet at night.

Source: Twitter

4. The memory of that slow transition from no internet to internet everywhere.

5. Watching “whatever was on”. Everything is always on now, you don’t stumble into an interesting (or awful) show because it’s the only thing mildly interesting on tv.

6. Saturday morning cartoons were that much more exciting back then because it was the ONLY opportunity to watch them.

7. Renting DVDs to watch movies.

8. Remembering someone’s phone number.

9. Dubbing cassettes and burning your own mix on CD.

10. Listening to the radio all day waiting for your favourite song.

11. 3.5-inch floppy discs.

12. Declaring your Harry Potter house to others in normal conversation.

13. Articles about how millennials ruin everything.

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