This Bengaluru Man Was Given A ₹22 Lakh Repair Estimate For A Car He Bought For ₹11 Lakh

This Bengaluru Man Was Given A ₹22 Lakh Repair Estimate For A Car He Bought For ₹11 Lakh

Harshita Singh

What would you do if you were charged a crazy amount for the repair of a car you bought for almost half the price? Because that is definitely an anxiety-inducing situation to be in. Well, Anirudh Ganesh, product manager at Amazon, shared an experience just like this in Bengaluru.

Ganesh said that his VW Polo got damaged in the recent flooding in Bengaluru. The vehicle got submerged in flood waters and he sent it to Volkswagen Apple Auto in Whitefield. And guess what happened next? After 20  days, the service center gave him a repair estimate of ₹22 lakh. 

Of course, he took action on this and reached out to his insurance company Acko. The insurer told him that the car would be written off as a total loss and they would collect the car. But, much to his surprise, the service center asked him to pay ₹44,840 to collect his vehicle from them. This fee was required to issue documents about the damage the car has suffered. 

Thankfully though, Volkswagen resolved the issue after another email sent by Ganesh and decided to settle the repair costs at ₹5K. We’re just as surprised as you all are! Because what cost pipeline is this?

“On September 26th, I was handed over my vehicle by the Apple Auto showroom and was charged Rs.5000 for the estimation. The dealership ensured the same price to all other customers as well and as per my understanding, VW is charging the same across Bangalore now. “

– Anirudh Ganesh told Linkedin.

Here’s how a few people responded to this shocking piece of information. Of course, some people were reasonably upset with the large cost difference.

We’re glad the issue was sorted! Because phew this would have been a bizarre case of capitalism.

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