This Thread Of People Looking At SRK Like He’s A Dream Is Our Fave Thing On The Internet Today

Aaliyah Jain

Shah Rukh Khan, naam toh suna hoga!

This actor, who needs no introduction, has been ruling our hearts for the last three decades. From renowned celebrities to a person sitting thousands of miles away, each person on the face of this planet knows his face and name.

Credits: Amazon Prime Video

It’s nothing short of a dream, for a lot of us, to see and meet SRK in flesh. I mean, duh.

While we are still on this hopeful journey, a lot of other people have seen the actor in reality, up close. Well, we knew that already but have you ever wondered how these people must have felt while standing next to this legend?

In a thread, a social media user posted a series of pictures where people are looking at the actor like he is a dream and trust us, it’s quite intriguing. Let’s see!

Well, these many people cannot be wrong – he’s absolutely dreamy!

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