This Uber Driver Taking YouTube Lessons To Help Daughter In UPSC Prep Is Beyond Heartwarming

Harshita Singh

Parents often do everything in their power to set their child up for success, and to have a secure life. So, when Abhijeet Mutha, an investment banking analyst at JP Morgan posted about an Uber driver he came across, doing the absolute most to help his daughter prepare for UPSC , we couldn’t stop ourselves from talking about it either.

In the post, Abhijeet Mutha talked about Mr. Rakesh, who was watching a current affairs and economics’ lesson in order to help his daughter prepare for UPSC. How endearing is this?

Meri ladki UPSC ki tayarri kar rahi hai toh mai bhi usse thoda help kar deta hoon, har sham jab vo library se aati hai toh hum aise charcha karte hai.

– Mr. Rakesh

Here’s how people responded to the post. Some people were concerned about him watching a video while driving, but Mr. Mutha clarified and said he was only watching it during the pauses at the traffic signals. Others were supportive and moved by his effort to help his daughter.

One of the best and sweetest things you’ll read today.

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