From Bagwati To Butter Knife, Here Are 9 Underrated ‘Main Characters’ In Bollywood Movies 

Harshita Singh

Sometimes, a movie’s main character isn’t actually a character at all. Meaning, it isn’t actually a person. It’s an object. Because sometimes, a movie’s plotline is anchored in an inanimate object and we don’t really realise it until the movie has ended.

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So, we’ve curated this list of objects in Bollywood movies that were so integral to the plot that they were characters themselves. Here, take a look for yourself.

1. Bagwati – ZNMD

Bagwati is the first one that comes to mind, without this Birkin bag the movie’s humour would be incomplete. The fact that Imraan treated it like an absolute queen and made it the centre of his attention, simply cannot be forgotten.

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2. Ranvijay’s Handcrafted Chaddhi – Animal

Ranvijay was strangely fixated on wearing his handcrafted underpants. It was as if the underpants were the main character and not Ranvijay. He could not go anywhere without his chaddhi man! Even when he had to go k*ll people.

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3. Russian Doll – Delhi Belly

Delhi Belly’s entire plot WAS centred around the Russian Doll. And the fact that nothing was found in it (nothing substantial that is) was one of the most epic scenes in the movie.

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4. Pia’s scooter – 3 Idiots

Pia’s scooter saved a life and was an integral part of the movie; we honestly couldn’t imagine the script without it. Rancho pretty much fell in love with Pia harder because of the time they spent on the scooter together, while saving Raju’s dad. Not only did it save Raju’s dad’s life, but it helped Pia and Rancho’s love story blossom.

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5. Raj’s Moustache – Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

It’s pretty obvious that Raj’s moustache took over the plotline of the movie. Raj’s mooch tried to convince us that it could really make someone believe that a person is different without a moustache.

Credit: India Today

6. Lunchbox – Lunchbox

Need I ask what Lunchbox would be without the actual lunchbox and tiffin? It acted as the glue that connected different characters to each other, and that’s the basis of the entire story.

Credit: The New York Times

7. Kauwa Biryani – Run

Not like the Kauwa Biryani took up a whole lotta space in the film’s plotline. But it was simply an unforgettable inanimate element in the movie. The single scene was so flavourful, that it defined the entire film.

Credit: Dailymotion

8. Butter Knife – Dil Dhadakne Do

The butter knife scene in Dil Dhadakne Do has a separate fan base. The dialogue, the moment, and the comic timing associated with the butter knife pretty much made the movie.

Credit: Hauterrfly

9. Katthal – Gangs Of Wasseypur

The fact that Katthal became such an important conversation that they almost missed an assassination is undoubtedly one of the funniest parts of the film.

What would these movies have been without these objects? Incomplete, for sure.

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