10 Reasons Why Vicky Jain From ‘Bigg Boss’ Is A Red Flag Disguised As A Supportive Partner

Manya Ailawadi

The sad part about being with a toxic partner is that they make you feel bad for feeling bad, when they’re actually having fun, even if you’re not. But then that’s exactly what makes them toxic. A number of clips and incidents from Bigg Boss are proof that they have a very problematic man for a contestant this time as well. This certain someone (among others), is Ankita Lokhande’s husband, Vicky Jain. The contestant is often seen arguing with his wife, and if not, he’s flirting with other women. Anybody with an internet connection knows that he’s deeply problematic. Weirdly, that’s something that sells, because he’s still on a show that airs on national television.


There is no possible argument as to why he behaves the way he does, so we might as well talk about everything that screams “red flag”.

Here are all the reasons why he’s a toxic partner:

1. He makes her think that she’s not good enough for him.

A constant fight between the couple is that Vicky keeps flirting with other women, and Ankita is expected to be fine with it. When she reacts, like any normal person, he comes up with different arguments. The common part is, that he tells her that she’s problematic. Like this one time, when Ankita avoids getting into an argument, he follows her and asks why she left. When she says it as it is, the husband says that she embarrasses him in front of other people – which is ironic.

2. He constantly tells her that she owes him something.

Each time Ankita addresses something about their relationship, Vicky tells her that he’s done a lot in the relationship. During a recent argument, she told him that she feels a lack of compassion from him. This angered him to the point that he yelled at her and left. He then threatened her and said that he’s done a lot, which, if he said, wouldn’t be “right for her”.

3. He always has something to complaint about the relationship.

When he’s not being rude, Vicky is complaining about things. He’s one of those people who’s happy as long as he doesn’t have to be around his partner. Recently, while working together in the kitchen, Ankita insisted on cooking for him, to make him happy. Another contestant came in, which led to a fight. Vicky went on to protect the other contestant and told Ankita that she shouldn’t cook because she doesn’t do that at home, anyway.

4. He expects a lot, but never appreciates her.

While talking about their relationship, and discussing what’s not right, Ankita told Vicky that she always takes a stand for him. She went on to mention that she even picks fights with other people in order to protect him. Vicky, like any toxic partner, said that he didn’t ask her to do that. The irony is that both he and his mother expect her to do that. Of course, when she does something, it isn’t appreciated.

5. He never takes a stand for her.

When Vicky and Ankita’s mothers were invited to the Bigg Boss house, Vicky’s mother told Ankita that they had called Ankita’s mother after “watching her bad behaviour”. It was uncalled for, which Ankita confronted her mother-in-law about. However, when Vicky was told that he should’ve taken a stand for his wife, he went on to blame Ankita for “letting things be shown in bad light”. The man blamed her for his incapacitates, while she was still trying to make him look good.

6. He insults her in order to connect with other people.

A very common trait among husbands is to make jokes about their wives, in order to show them as incapable. Vicky does that too, but for the national television to watch. In a very simple conversation, Ankita was talking about her morning routine before entering the house. So he decided to laugh out loud and say that she was lying, only to sound “funny”. When he was confronted, he said that Ankita was overthinking.

7. He disrespects her work and abilities.

In another instance, when the contestants were prepping for a meal, someone talked about a food item that they make. Vicky first suggested that he’d like for them to cook it for him, and added that Ankita wouldn’t like anyone else interfering in her department – the kitchen. Mind you, she hadn’t said anything and this was brought up for no reason. As a viewer, it looked like he wanted a reaction to in-turn start a fight which is diabolical.

8. He mocks her, and never acknowledges a mistake.

Another thing that he does out of habit is telling Ankita that she’s rude to other people. This is when his tone, words and body language are always rude towards her. He also goes to lengths to mock her and make it look like she’s the one at fault for bringing out “that side” of him. The only way he talks to her is by mocking her, which is deeply concerning.

9. He is abusive.

This should be enough reason to know that the person is a red flag, but here we are, still talking about it. Bigg Boss put up a promo a while back, which showed Vicky and Ankita disagreeing about something. When Vicky wanted Ankita to stop talking, he gestured a slap and got up with rage. The other two contestants saw this and told him that he intended to physically harm her. Even if he didn’t (which is an argument), it was still emotional abuse – with the tactic to scare the partner and that’s something.

10. He gaslights her into thinking that she’s the bad person.

In another one of the promos, Ankita addresses how she’s been feeling in the house. She tells this to Vicky and mentions that she’s been feeling lonely. He waits for her to continue, and she adds that maybe she’s a bad person. Vicky doesn’t move or feel the need to console her, and in-turn asks her how that can be changed. He’s one of those people who plays victim and gaslights his partner into thinking that they’re the problem.

He does all of that and still gets to keep a job, pretend to be the victim, and get paid for it.

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