Women Share Flirting Tips That Every Guy Should Know About 

Women Share Flirting Tips That Every Guy Should Know About 

Anjali Awasthi

You know there’s a very thin line between flirting and taking no as an answer. It’s exciting to form a new connection when you feel a spark with someone just met. But if flirting doesn’t come naturally to you, then those butterflies can soon turn into awkwardness. 

We compiled a list where women have shared tons and approaches you need to flirt like a pro. So you don’t sound like a douche.  

1. “Eye contact, a smile, and a “hi, I’m —-” followed by a handshake is gonna get you way farther than some corny compliment. If you really do wanna compliment me, do so after establishing a decent conversation. Starting off with a compliment makes it feel like you’re just trying to get into my pants as quickly as possible while bypassing every other aspect of me.”


2. “Shower frequently or wear nice cologne. We smell before we see. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got three eyes and a mullet, if we smell Bleu by Chanel on you or something of the like, we will turn around to give you a second look.”


3. “Playing hard to get is actually a little effective. Don’t start making out with another girl in front of us, but fostering attention and then creating space for a little bit leaves us curious. It also suggests that you are confident and independent.”


4. “From one guy to the rest, Flirting is done best over a longer period of time, don’t rush it. Let her do all the talking, just ask questions so she thinks you are interested.”


5. “I really like it when a guy is genuinely interested in what I’m saying, even when it’s not really interesting to him. Laugh with me, Tell me you like something I’m wearing, Ask me lots of questions and generally be a good conversationalist. Ask me interesting questions instead of the usual ‘where are you from, what are you studying, etc’ Smile a lot!”


6. “Don’t try and flirt with me. Just talk to me. I’m never going to get a sense of who you are when you are acting out what you think I want to see (ie flirting)- all that I’ll get out of that is that you aren’t confident enough to be yourself. I’m not gonna sleep with you if I have no clue what you’re about, but I’m also not gonna sleep with you when I can tell you’re playing some kind of role. Just be you.”


7. “It’s not romantic to pester someone after they’ve refused you. This includes facebook messaging her 400 times for a reason after she said “I don’t want to.” Sometimes we just literally don’t want to. Stop asking why. Also, don’t turn every conversation into a conversation about you.”


8. “Don’t be afraid to get a little closer. We’re not as good as picking up signals as popular opinion believes, and sometimes you need to make it a little obvious for us that you’re interested.”


9. “Say our names to our faces. In passing, conversation, farewells, any time. We love hearing our own names and we feel special when we hear it.”


10. “Don’t talk about how much you enjoy going down on a girl. I don’t fucking care, especially if I just met you.”


11. “Don’t keep texting a girl when they don’t respond instantly, it makes you look desperate and clingy.”


12. “Be confident in yourself, but if she says “no thank you” or anything like that to your suggestion of hanging out or going on a date, PLEASE LEAVE HER ALONE. Pressuring someone into liking you is a surefire way of making them loathe you.”


13. “Never touch someone without making sure it’s ok. For example, if you go up to a woman at a bar or on the street, never assume it’s ok to put your arm around their waist or on their shoulder. It makes a lot of people uncomfortable.”


14. “Don’t talk about a girl’s body. You can tell her her hair looks nice, or that her clothes are lovely, but don’t talk about her body. It comes off as a bit rude, and it makes it seem like you are only interested in one thing.”


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