‘Edgy In 70s’: Zeenat Aman Has Enchanted Instagram With Her Latest Viral Photoshoot

Vasudha Sabharwal

If there’s one celebrity who definitely wins their social media game, it’s Zeenat Aman. A few weeks before, we talked about how the veteran actress is actually cleansing Instagram with her thoughtful posts at 70.

Today, her photoshoot for MISHO Designs’ new capsule collection, Mementos, is viral. The actress shared a collaboration post on Instagram where she’s seen looking like a boss lady.

Zeenat Aman Instagram

In the caption she wrote, “At first, I wondered if it was all too “edgy” for me. But as I put it on – stacking bangles, donning sunglasses, slipping on rings, clasping pendants – I remembered my own edge and revelled in it. The craftsmanship on the etched pendant and ring took my breath away.”

We love her!

Naturally, Instagram users are enchanted with the pictures. Here’s how they are reacting.

Zeenat Aman Instagram
Zeenat Aman Instagram
Zeenat Aman Instagram
Zeenat Aman Instagram
Zeenat Aman Instagram

Are you mesmerised too?

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