This Reel On Best Eateries In Delhi Is Making Delhiites Very Uncomfortable & Rightly So

Aaliyah Jain

Dilli – it’s not just a state or a word, it’s an emotion.

From mighty mountains to clear oceans, no matter where we travel in the entire world, our heart belongs to our beloved dilli and its unique quirks.

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There’s too much to do here – be it scrumptious street food, marvelous architecture or rich culture – and it might get a little confusing for a first-time visitor. Therefore, we have unlimited itineraries on the internet to assist visitors.

However, this one ‘must do things’ list caught our attention, and trust us, as a true-blue dilliwaala, it made us absolutely furious.

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Paperboard Magazine, who curated the checklist, makes several guides that cover food, drinks, nightlife and entertainment.

The list has six sections: coffee, lunch, dinner, rooftops, bars, and weekends, and each section has five recommended places under them.

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While there are some brilliant eateries and bars mentioned on the list, there are several places which I, a dilli born, haven’t heard of. 

I mean where’s daulat ki chaat, puraani dilli ke chole bhature and god damn, dolma aunty ke momos? *sigh*

And, I know I’m not alone here! Here’s how other netizens reacted to this list!

Credits: Instagram

You can see the list here:

As someone correctly said, in Delhi, every corner has a story to tell.

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