Delhi Has Locals? Woman Learns About Delhi’s Local Train Network & Leaves Twitter Surprised

Harshita Singh

The metro rail is one of Delhi’s most important aspects. When we talk about public transportation in the capital, most people think of the DMRC. In fact, it’s so popular, that most Delhiites hardly know that the Northern Railway is a central transportation facility for the city. This tweet by @tkmiokay, where she’s posted a picture of a local train, proves that most Delhi folks have no clue about the NR!

Here’s how netizens have reacted to the picture that Tanvi has captioned, “For a second I thought I was back in Mumbai.” Many people got a quick wake-up call about the existence of the Northern Rail and people do in fact use the local train.

Now I am wondering what other things do we not know about our hometowns and cities?

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