20 Instances When Parents Had No Clue What They Were Doing

Meenu Katariya

Parenting is hard. There are no hacks. None. Because no matter how prepared you are, kids will throw you a new challenge every day. Every. Fucking. Day.

They’ll make you laugh, cry and question your life choices. All at once. Here’s a few images that perfectly sum up parenting.

1. This dad asked his kid not to take off his clothes in a public bathroom but he won’t listen.


2. This kid took his dad’s phone to the bathroom. He came to know only after he saw this pic.


3. This dad woke up to red-marked face. FYI, face painting is kids’ favourite pastime. 


4. Working from home and parenting go side-by-side for this dad.


5. This kid messed up with kitchen stuff and tried to explain. Like look at his face. Can you yell at him?


6. This dad told his son he can’t swim. Result: He left home naked.


7. 7-year-old dropping truth bombs with a birthday card for her dad.


8. This mom was supposed to having a photo shoot.


9. This babysitter saw the kid licking his soiled diaper. Obviously she puked.


10. This parent wanted to put her 2-year-old on sale.

11. This kid got his hands on paint colours literally.


12. This kid punched the leaves because why not.


13. This kid’s questions won’t end only.


14. This child loves playing with her parents’ laptop.


15. This parent cleared their AC vent only to find hundreds of toys inside.


16. These parents decided not to have children. Check out when.

17. This dad was taken aback by his 3-year-old’s questions.

18. Parents get worried when kids are silent.

19. This mom has seen her daughter painting the furniture with nail polish.

20. This mom’s 2-year-old asks Alexa to play ‘Baby Shark’.

The choice is yours. You have been warned.

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