We Bring To You Important Stories From Recent Days Since They Are Not Going To Pop On Your Timeline

Manya Ailawadi

A lot is happening these days. A lot is always happening, but we always know too little. Probably because that’s how privilege works. We care for things that directly impact us and the rest of it just exists. On most days, we dismiss things as little, but we forget that even the tiniest details are important. On other days, we can be plain ignorant. However, there’s always a saturation point to such things – issues that prevail, constant changes that occur. So, every once in a while, it’s right and important to pay attention.

Like these occurrences that require us to stop and retrospect.

1. Manipur unrest continues.

According to sources, in Moreh town, a Manipur police commando was reportedly killed by militants through gunfire. The unrest continues.


2. Convicts from the Bilkis Bano case have finally surrendered.

The 11 men were released on remission in 2022. This year, the Supreme Court overturned their release, asking the convicts to surrender within two weeks.


3. There has been a significant fall of Indian student visas in Canada.

The issuance of student visas has reduced. This is after fewer students have been applying due to tensions between the two nations – among other factors.


4. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh has been granted parole again.

In around 3 years, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh has been granted parole for the ninth time. This time, the double rape and murder convict got a 50-day parole, after 29 days of going back.


5. The Supreme Court has agreed to examine the possibility of hearing petitions related to marital rape early.

After Indira Jaising brought attention to the matters, the Supreme Court stated that petitions regarding the validity of the immunity to a husband from marital rape are important. Hence, they will be considered for early listing.


6. A student of IIT-Kanpur died of suicide.

The PhD student of IIT-Kanpur, who was 29-years-old, died of suicide in her hostel room. This is third incident at the institute in the last 30 days.


7. Another cheetah dies in Kuno.

Among the 20 cheetahs that were imported to the Kuno National Park, another died, with only 13 of them remaining now.


8. Kashmir remains snow-less this winter.

It is suggested that the lack of snow in the region will impact tourism. Additionally, water scarcity might be an upcoming issue that will also affect agriculture.


9. A boat capsized in Gujarat, wherein children were not given life jackets.

Teachers and students drowned in the incident, where eyewitnesses say that the boat was overloaded. Parents also said that their children were not given lifeboats.


10. In a door malfunction on a Spicejet flight, a passenger was locked for over an hour.

The Mumbai-Bengaluru flight confirmed the incident where a male passenger was rescued after engineer broke open the door of the lavatory.


It’s time we start noticing more closely.

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