This Instagram Influencer Got A Tongue Surgery To Kiss Better, And Well, Good For Her

Manya Ailawadi

The internet is home to the weirdest, most random things ever – things that we hardly ever imagined. Seriously, what a time to be alive. Given that, we like to document everything, there’s a lot of content that exists on social media platforms, a lot of which are those unimaginable things. And a recent video shared by an Instagram influencer is proof of it.


Rochelle Garett, who goes by the name, Xehli G, shared a video where she talks about her tongue. There’s more. The creator also mentioned how she decided to have her lingual frenulum removed. Now, lingual frenulum is the tissue that connects the tongue to the bottom of the mouth, and according to her this tissue bothered her because of it was too short.


She added that it ruined a lot of things, including kissing. The creator talked about lack of joy she received from kissing before this surgery. Well, good for her!

“I felt like I had never kissed anyone for real. It’s a unique feeling. [Kissing] has been much better than any other kiss I’ve ever given in my life. Now it seems that my tongue is loose when kissing – before it was blocked.”

Xehli G

Watch the video here:

The tongue wants what it wants.

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