Isha Ambani’s Daughter Gets A Thoughtful Gift With 108 Gold Bells & Here’s What They Signify

Manya Ailawadi

The Ambanis are known for a lot of things, but it’s an unsaid truth that they’re great gift givers. Really, they come up with the most unique presents for all occasions. Of course, they’re expensive, in fact expensive is an understatement. So, understandably, we’re all obsessing over a gift that Isha Ambani’s daughter Aadiya got.


Aadiya Shakti Piramal received a throughtful present which also signifies the meaning of her name – it’s a customized hamper. And its video is doing rounds on the internet, for how beautiful and grand it looks. The large red hamper has her name written in the Hindi language in gold, and also has nine steps with different names of Goddess Shakti.


The hamper also features 108 bells that represent 108 chants of the Hindu Vedas. There are also hues of orange and strings of marigold attached to the gift, which make it look even more pretty. Finally, there’s a drawer at the bottom with smaller gifts covered in a pink paper. This customized hamper was created by Gifts Tell All, and they shared the process of its making in an Instagram video.


Watch the video here:

Thoughtful and grand – now that’s a great gift.

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