People Are Confusing Rakesh Sharma With Rakesh Roshan Post Chandrayaan Landing & Jaadu Would Be Proud

Manya Ailawadi

On August 23, Chandrayaan-3 made a soft landing on the moon, and the nation celebrated. People were clapping, patting each others’ back and celebrating because it felt like a collective victory. X (previously, Twitter) was filled with moments of celebration and Chandrayaan-3 was the only thing everyone was talking about. Soon, Rakesh Roshan started trending WITH Rakesh Sharma and there’s an entire series of events that led to that.


Briefly after the landing, Mamta Banerjee gave a speech celebrating the success of ISRO’s mission, at an event. She said, “When Rakesh Roshan landed on moon, Indira asked him how India was looking from there?” ONLY, Rakesh Roshan is the film producer and Bollywood personality. She confused Rakesh Roshan with Rakesh Sharma, the Indian astronaut.

That’s not where it ends. Rakesh Sharma also never went on the moon. He was the first Indian astronaut to venture into space. We appreciate the emotion, and well, the confidence. But the last time we checked, Hrithik Roshan’s dad never went to space, definitely not the moon.

Twitter, of course, has a lot of memes.

Rakesh Roshan definitely woke up to too many messages today.

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