Sudha Murty Talked About Her ‘Pure’ Eating Practices & Twitter Thinks They Stem From Casteist Ideas

Manya Ailawadi

The thing with our society is that we think that some practices are right, or at least not morally wrong, solely because they have been existing for a long time. This can pose problems, specifically in a time like now, where people are exposed to newer ideas and more opinions – given the internet. A recent interview where Sudha Murty talks about her food practices is proof.

During an episode of Khaane Mein Kya Hai, with Kunal Vijayakar, Sudha Murty opened about what her eating practices when she travels. She mentioned that she prefers eating at places that serve vegetarian food. This stems from her fear of vegetarian food being cooked in vessels or with utensils that were used in non-vegetarian food. She also added that she carries her own food and utensils in order to avoid such issues.

“Mujhe darr lagta hai ki vegetarian or non-vegetarian ke liye ek hi spoon use kiya ho, toh mere mann mein taqleef deta hai.”

The philanthropist clarified that she’s a pure vegetarian who also doesn’t consume egg. While this seemed like a harmless discussion about food choices, people on Twitter found it problematic. The issue with such practices is the intent they come from – ‘untouchability’ or not consuming food that is ‘impure’ are part of casteist ideas and practices.

While consuming specific food is a personal choice, and vegetarianism out of empathy is one thing. Most people in our society choose this lifestyle based on religious or caste-related beliefs. If not wanting to consume meat comes from the idea of protecting animals, the idea of ‘not touching’ non-veg food wouldn’t make sense. And that’s what Twitter is debating.

People are divided on this discussion, where some think it’s a common, and hence normal practice. There are, however, others who think that it’s a problematic belief that stems from wrong ideas.

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