Here’s What Indians Boycotted In The Last 12 Months ‘Cos We Just Like Doing It Now

Manya Ailawadi

If you haven’t realized this yet, pointless boycotting on X (or Twitter) is our thing, it’s our jam. Every new day is a new trend. It’s almost human nature now. The only intriguing part about this infamous act is our conviction to it. We’ve never been more honest and resilient with something else – which is nice. But not like this, guys. Now, these trends are not pointless to all of us. To some, they mean a whole lot, and they even make sense. Yes, we are ‘fun’.


So, here’s everything Indians boycotted in the last 12 months ‘cos we’re just very hard-working:

1. Maldives

If you’ve been noticing constant pictures of Maldives wrongly titled ‘Lakshadweep’, it’s another one of those infamous boycott trends. Three of the officials from Maldives mocked India’s Prime Minister after he shared picturesque shots from his trip to Lakshadweep. Celebrities, ministers and citizens took it upon themselves to boycott Maldives, and apparently this is impacting its tourism. So you might not notice couples honeymooning there as much, this year.

2. Pathaan

We are complex creatures with fragile sentiments and egos. So, last year, “some of us” decided that Deepika Padukone in an orange bikini was hurtful, because of it’s very particular shade. Then what? It was decided that Pathaan must be boycotted, and it went on to become one of the highest grossing Bollywood films in 2023.


3. Patna

In boycotting Pathaan, someone boycotted Patna without realizing what the actual conversation was. So, if you’re telling me that these trends are not absurd and make sense, please, really, please. The man woke up, saw a trend, probably misread what was happening. But hey, gotta be true to the work, and so, he decided to boycott an entire city.

4. Starbucks

Not because the coffee is bad or the brand did something morally corrupt, but because we’re also regressive as a society. Starbucks released a sweet advertisement, which talked about gender fluidity and how we often fail the transgender community. Following this, we managed to prove its point and decided to boycott the brand because it apparently “corrupts youth”.

5. India vs Pakistan match

Our conscience suddenly awoke when the India vs Pakistan match was about to take place in the country. Apparently, the nation was pissed at Pakistan’s alleged association with terrorist attacks. People were also pissed at the warm welcome that the team received, so they made sure to be cruel in their simple ways. For instance, we boo-ed Pakistani cricketers when they were on the field, and yelled “things”. Even though the boycott agenda wasn’t a success, our hate still managed to make waves.

6. Tim Hortons

Again, not at all about coffee! This was particularly because the brand isn’t “Indian enough” and the nation suddenly realized that one fine morning. To be more specific, this was done after there were tensions between India and Canada. Some days, we just gotta ditch our usual coffee orders to prove our patriotism, and clearly it’s normal for us. Roz ka hai.


7. Jawan

Because the boycott worked sO wELl with Pathaan, we went on to boycott Jawan. Why? Apparently, Shah Rukh Khan went to a temple before the release of the film, and people didn’t like that. Clearly, nothing that you do as a citizen is good enough. Some ministers even mentioned that we must ‘eradicate’ the film, which didn’t happen, yet again. Jawan went on to be a bigger box office success than Pathaan.

Clearly, we can boycott anything but Shah Rukh Khan, which makes a lot of sense.

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