12 Unrealistic Things I Want For Christmas

12 Unrealistic Things I Want For Christmas

Prakriti Srivastava

Children in convent schools are practising Christmas carols, offices are starting secret Santa, and people are applying for leave for the last week of the year. Because ’tis the season. The last one though is an unrealistic wish and the leave might not be granted. And I have a *bag* full of such unrealistic things I want for Christmas which are probably not gonna come true.

So, let’s begin, shall we? *hey, Siri! Play Jingle Bell Rocks*

1. A stable mental health and my anxiety and overthinking to stop

2. A non-toxic partner, or maybe a better taste in men? 👀

3. Happiness 🫠

4. Relatives to stop asking “shaadi kab kar rahi?”

5. Relatives to stop asking aage ka kya socha hai?”

In short, relatives to stop being nosy 🙏

6. A 3-day weekend

7. 15 hours of sleep every day

I mean, who wants to leave their cosy bed in winter anyway?

8. To not be tired all the time

9. My grandma to come and tell me we are rich

Cue: Princess Diary

10. Sit beneath a Christman tree wearing matching PJs with someone


11. A family gathering without quarrels

Santa be like –

12. My boss to grant my leave

Still hoping for Santa to see this list 🥺

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