Desis Share How They Feel When They Visit Home After Moving Out & They’re Relatable AF

Harshita Singh

Moving out is a right of passage that everyone needs to experience in life. It’s a huge character development move and you’ll definitely come out the other end as a person who has undergone immense personal growth. But that doesn’t mean a lack of downsides or uncomfortable moments. You do miss home, you do miss your family (no matter how much they get on your nerves), and so there is a sense of longing you feel at times.

Credit: The Quint

Well, these Tweets where desi Gen Zs have shared how they feel about visiting home after they’ve moved out is a stark reminder that adulting is such a complicated process; We really do deserve to give ourselves more grace in life!

A tweet by @nona_uppal a writer, and author sparked the debate and has received some really interesting responses.

While some people have expressed the feeling of missing home, others have talked about how visiting home only feels good for the first few days.

What do you think about this? How do you feel when you visit home?

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