Manjulika Randomly Scared People In The Delhi Metro & Apparently She Had Her ‘Reasons’

Manjulika Randomly Scared People In The Delhi Metro & Apparently She Had Her ‘Reasons’

Manya Ailawadi

At this point, too many weird things happen in the Delhi Metro, that we’ve got the “ab kya hua” attitude built-in. But somebody decided to mix it up and left Delhi surprised. Imagine finding a random movie or TV show character in the Metro, when you’re minding your business, and they come and scare you. I’m not exaggerating, because that’s exactly what happened.

I mean, imagine being THIS man.

Source: Twitter

But, Manjulika wasn’t the only one – people also spotted characters from Money Heist and Squid Game. The ‘somebody’ who took it (the Delhi-drama) up a notch, was none other than boAt. This was for a promotional video for the brand.

Source: Instagram

The Delhi-based electronic gadget brand shared a video of the viral staged performance, and this has certainly turned heads. 

Source: Instagram

The Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC) confirmed on Tuesday evening that the viral video of these characters was part of a commercial that was shot on the metro’s premises with its permission.

Watch the video here:

Photo credit: Metro Rail News

Metro just got weirder. But, at least this is good weird.

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