Navya Nanda Gets Called Out For Speaking On Gender-Equal Organiations Without Ever Working In One

Vasudha Sabharwal

Gender Equality is a broad conversation encompassing multiple facets of life, from corporate life to everyday realities. It’s also an important discussion since it’s never really enough to emphasise the need for egalitarianism in a society that has deemed the superiority of one gender over another. When organisations hold discussions and talks on such topics, it becomes noteworthy. However, inviting an inexperienced person to speak about a complex topic that requires substantial awareness & experience doesn’t make much sense.

Apparently, Navya Naveli Nanda recently spoke at a US Consulate on ‘Working towards gender-equal boardrooms in India,’ & she, as well as the organisation, is being called out. Now, that’s because she has never worked in an organisation before. Shruti Jahagirdar, the founder of a health-tech startup, took to Twitter & criticised the entire affair in a compelling thread.

And it’s not about privilege.

As mentioned previously, gender equality has several aspects. And we all can throw big words with research, but this takes away from the gravity of the topic in-hand, which only the person who has experienced and suffered can understand.

While some people didn’t find anything wrong with Nanda talking on the importance of gender-equal boardrooms, several agreed that she wasn’t qualified to speak on it. Here’s what they said.

What do you think about this?

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