Indian Scientist Claims Gravitational Waves Will Be Renamed As ‘Narendra Modi Waves’

Meenu Katariya

At 106th Science Congress, a Tamil Nadu scientist, Kanan Jegathala Krishnan, made shocking comments on the understanding of modern Physics. 

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He claimed that modern Physics will be completely destroyed and asserted that a new understanding of Physics will emerge based on his observations.

Kanan also said that once as the common understanding of physics will change, Gravitational Waves will be renamed as ‘Narendra Modi Waves’ and Gravitational Lensing Effect will be renamed as ‘Hashvardhan Effect’.


Kanan is a senior research scientist at the World Community Service Centre at Aliyar, Tamil Nadu. He was speaking in Jalandhar, on the second day of the five-day event organised by the Indian Science Congress Association, Kolkata.

He went on to say that Issac Newton’s understanding of gravity was completely flawed.

“Newton was not able to understand gravitational repulsive force, which is why he was not able to answer most questions related to gravity. His calculations were perfect but there was a problem in his theoretical physics. I have been able to solve these theories.”

The researcher said that things move at a particular speed because of the self-compressive nature of space and not due to gravity.


While the event is aimed to inculcate scientific temper among people, these statements are surely not helping achieve the objective.

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