These AI Images Of Grannies Roller Skating Are Winning The Internet

Vasudha Sabharwal

Another day, another set of AI-generated images take over the Internet. By now, we’ve seen AI artists imagining Taj Mahal construction days or how billionaires would look if they were poor, and so much more. But today, we have images of skating desi grannies viral on social media.

AI artist Ashish Jose (@tarqeeb) shared the now-viral images on Instagram. Take a look:

We have super cool grannies performing stunts:

Ashish Jose (@tarqeeb) – Instagram

Balancing right:

Ashish Jose (@tarqeeb) – Instagram

Having the best time:

Ashish Jose (@tarqeeb) – Instagram

Making formations, enjoying together:

Ashish Jose (@tarqeeb) – Instagram

Captioned Skating Nani’s, he also wrote that the pics were made on Midjourney, a popular AI art generator.

Had Jose not mentioned the images were AI-generated, we would have never doubted them. Besides, the pics are motivating, and people are lauding the idea.

Ashish Jose (@tarqeeb) – Instagram
Ashish Jose (@tarqeeb) – Instagram
Ashish Jose (@tarqeeb) – Instagram
Ashish Jose (@tarqeeb) – Instagram

Ain’t this amazing?

You find the link to Ashish Jose’s Instagram page here.

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