It's no secret that fatphobia runs deep in our society. But the fact that we're so unapologetic about it is a rather depressing reality. It's high time we garner some empathy and grow out of our archaic mindset that only hurts certain parts of our population. Fatphobia and fat-shaming are the sources of a myriad of psychological problems including depression and social anxiety and can trigger a lifetime of eating disorders. It's funny how we can make their lives infinitely better just by being decent fucking human beings and minding our own businesses.

Here are 8 basic problems that shouldn't exist for fat people, but they do:

1. Food insecurity

A skinny person can relish the luxury of food, a fundamental part of human life. They can binge out on their favourite junk and it'll still be cute and quirky. Worst case scenario? They'll be the butt of a few jokes. If a fat person did the same, they'd be incessantly ridiculed to the point it strips off their dignity. Doesn't matter if they lead a healthy lifestyle and are working towards physical progress. If a person doesn't fit into the conventional societal body standards, the moment they pick up an ice cream cone, it's a crime.

2. Limited clothing

Our society traps fat people in a very specific niche when it comes to fat people and attire. They only want to see them in drab, monotone palates, floral prints and loose-fitting clothes. Don't believe me? Just check out the plus-size section of literally any store. It's almost as if they don't want them to flaunt their figure, their body, a vital component of who they are, thus effectively robbing them of their individuality and shaming them into changing.

3. Uncomfortable working out environment

I know there are a lot of people who are going to oppose this. But it's the harsh truth. The fitness industry is not kind to fat people. Anytime an overweight individual attempts to make a genuine effort to improve their health they are only met with stares, humiliation and recommendations for fad diets. I'm looking at you Keto. All this does is make the process twice as hard and let's not go into the mental toll it takes.

4. Inadequate medical care

Doctors are notorious for dismissing fat people's problems and blaming everything from a broken arm to a seizure on their weight. There needs to be better training for fat phobia in the medical industry.

5. Constant stigmatization

Not sitting next to them in a metro, ogling them down as they walk the street, passing snide comments about their appearance to their face and worse behind their back. Fat shaming is way too normalized in our society and we need to fucking stop,

6. Toxic positivity

Hey bro, I have some news for you. When you go up to your fat friend and say, "OMG, you're so brave for wearing that!" That actually translates to the fact that they shouldn't be wearing that. It's fat-shaming and plain disappointing. Grow up.

7. Unsolicited advice

Has any pados waali aunties in the history of pados waali aunties ever considered that no one gives two shits about their ghar ke nuske? No aunty, we don't want to eat boiled lauki for all three meals to lose weight. It's called an eating disorder Google it. Stop bombarding fat people with advice on how to lose weight, it's offensive.

8. No agency to just ...exist

How about you try something revolutionary for a change and just let us be? Nah, that's too hard for you.

Fat people are human beings. They don't deserve to be treated unfairly merely because they don't fit into a society-sanctioned box of what we should look like. Believe me, they know what they have to do to remain healthy. Like us, they're fighting their own demons too. Some support would be nice :)