10 Times Celeb Guests Hit The Right Spot On Modern Love On ‘Dating These Nights’

10 Times Celeb Guests Hit The Right Spot On Modern Love On ‘Dating These Nights’

Needhi Roy

By now, I identify as a dating maven. (Hi, I’m single!) You know when you develop a sixth sense to smell trouble from miles away? Oh, you send 15 texts in a row? So you always insist on paying because it’s a gendered thing? You have absolutely zero opinion on current affairs? Did you just text at 11PM to come over and ‘chill’? Ugh!

While trying to achieve a successful dating life boils down mostly to exploring what you want and making the first move, it also helps to understand the modern rules of romance. Bumble’s popular content series, ‘Dating These Nights‘, is here to have ‘the talk’ on important yet unexplored nuances of dating and it does so like a breath of fresh air. You have Zoya Akhtar-Jim Sarbh, Mrunal Thakur-Shriya Pilgaonkar, and Vijay Varma-Srishti Dixit navigate what equality in romance looks like in 2022 by indulging in meaningful conversations around lesser talked-about issues —  changing gender roles, what makes a modern man in 2022, the real meaning of chivalry, dating in one’s 30s, unpacking what it means to ‘settle down’, and financial intimacy in relationships. 

The series spans three episodes and obviously I devoured them all in one sitting (did you not see the guestlist?) Apart from genuinely addressing stigmas, the talk series is filled with funny, light-hearted, authentic, and relatable moments that prove celebrity dating lives are just like ours. So here’s presenting my top 10 favourite moments from the series that will give you food for thought:











All episodes of ‘Dating These Nights’ are streaming now on Bumble’s official YouTube page. 

Seriously, why are you still here? Get your coffee, and hit play.

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