TIL Theres Something Called A ‘Date-Me-Doc’ & Here’s Everything You Need To Know About It

Harshita Singh

If someone told me that 2023 will witness terms like orange flags, beige flags and phubbing I would have written a letter to universities to start a course on modern-day dating. But alas, I don’t have the ability to predict the future. But I do have the ability and a strange fascination with discussing latest dating trends; So, here’s one for you to ponder over – Date-me docs.

People are slowly moving away from online dating and towards Date-me docs. What are they? Well, it’s a shareable document, specifically a Google doc created in order to find love – kind of in the format or a resume. The aim is to provide a more long-form bio for suitors to think over. Yes, like most people I also think it is dorky, and still love the idea of it.

The trend started some time last year, and is more favoured among people working in the tech industry. The Reddit community has also been discussing this concept and here are some the opinions from some groups:

According to other articles, Date-me-docs are becoming popular because of the small pool of people that are using it as a means to find love. And it’s also being looked at as a remedy for the dating-app-burn-out.

For instance, while speaking to The New York Times, José Luis Ricón, who works at a biotech start-up in Silicon Valley, shared that he decided to make a date-me doc. He also said that, “Even though it’s the first time you’re meeting, there’s already a lot of shared ground.”

So, if you think your dating app profile isn’t landing you quality dates and suitors, then this might just be the way to go.

Credit: El Espanol

Furthermore, Steve Krous, a 29-year-old who created a centralised Date-me directory for everyone to submit their document to spoke to The New York Times and said, “Date-me docs are not for everyone. You have to be part of a weird internet, open-source culture.”

So, I have to say, while the idea of being more vulnerable and sharing more detailed info with people in this new innovative way seems nice, it also seems a little risky, especially as a woman.

But funnily enough Date-me-docs remind me of old-school social media platforms that gave you an opportunity to describe yourself better. In fact, they seem like a combination of matrimonial website bios and an Orkut/Tumblr account profile page, to me.

The New York Times

Dating is evolving faster than ever now. Are you open to evolving with it?

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