13 People Share Perks Of Being In A Relationship & Us Singles Can’t Relate

Harshita Singh

While those of us who are single may like to sometimes coax ourselves into believing that the single life is better than being in a relationship, mostly, there are pros in both kinds of scenarios. Companionship isn’t all that bad, is it? Of course, women are often conditioned to believe that relationships are better than being single, but aside from that programming, having a partner does have its comforts and benefits. And this Reddit thread where people have shared the things they can now do while being in a relationship, as opposed to when they were single, is proof of this.

Here, take a look:

1. “Have someone I can bite all the time.”


2. “I need someone that loves to do laundry. This sounds like bliss.”


3. “Outsource my cognitive load. Nice to have someone who can sometimes do the planning or the problem-solving for me when I’m burnt out.”


4. “I use my partner as a reason to easily get out of conversations or situations I don’t want to deal with. Sales person? Gotta talk to my husband first (he doesn’t care). Party on Saturday? My husband has to work (he doesn’t but we’re both introverts and he wouldn’t want to go either).”


5. “Holding hands with a man out in public.’


6. “Check the ‘Married filing jointly’ on our taxes.”


7. “Be the little spoon.”


8. “Sleep comfortably on planes. He’s a good pillow.”


9. “Having my makeup wiped off at the end of the day even if I forget and fall asleep with it.”


10. “Have my husband prepare me breakfast on Sunday morning while I loaf In bed.”


11. “Share desserts or sweet drinks! I have a sweet tooth, but am not a volume eater. I generally can’t (nor should I) finish full sized desserts/sweet drinks, but having an SO lets me satisfy my craving, try new food, without needing to stuff myself cause I get to share, which he is very willing to too.”


12. “Go to music fests, stay out late, ride a taxi. Basically things that are ‘too dangerous’ for a lone young woman.”


13. “Have my husband bring me water when I’m in bed.”


Having someone by your side who enjoys doing laundry and is your pillow – *chefs kiss*

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