Woman Used Her Psych Degree To Get Into The Head Of A Guy She Liked & Now They’re Married

Manya Ailawadi

Dating is tough, specifically if you’re looking for ‘the one’. Certainly, the left swipes and emotionally unavailable crushes don’t help with the confidence. Not to get carried away, but at times, all we wish is to get into heads of people we like, and make them like us back. Oh wait, someone did do it.

Jessica, who goes by the username @ladyimposter, shared how she put her psych degree to work, with a guy she’s now married to. She texted the guy she was interested in, two days in a row, at the same time. And that triggered his brain to think of her, and text her first, the third day.

This little plan does sound quite smart. Who knew a psych degree could help in the matters of love. And to think that no only did it work that one time, but they have been married for nine years. Jessica posted the video on TikTok, which of course went viral and left too many people intrigued. Basically, TikTok teaches us more life skills, than school ever could.

Source: TikTok

And here we’re, getting ghosted on a daily basis.

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