9 Simple Sex Positions For Beginners When You Want To Keep Things Easy Yet Exciting

Vasudha Sabharwal

As exciting as sex sounds, it can be really overwhelming for a beginner. There are perceptions that first-time sex may hurt. Not to forget the alarming misinformation that exists about the same. Sex should have to be about pleasure. Having said that, it’s also a journey you and your partner undertake together. What may be pleasurable for one may not work for another. You need to explore, communicate, and then resolve what works the best for you two. It doesn’t necessarily have to be *great* the first time.


Having said that, you can always begin with the safest position. The anxiousness before having sex for the first time is natural. And here are 9 easy sex positions you can try for the first time.


1. Missionary

Of course, let’s start with the most popular one. Missionary is a classic sex position that comes to many naturally. Here, the penetrating partner has to be on the top whilst the receiver lies on their back on a flat surface, generally a bed. Here, the two of you face each other, and hence, it’s exciting as well as intimate.


2. Cowgirl’s Helper

This is another classic sex position but with a twist. Here, the receiver is on the top of the penetrating partner, but not without their support. As you begin the ACT, they will support you by the hips or thighs to meet the thrust. While the partner on top is free to support and control the movements according to their comfort, they do so with the support of their partner for mutual satisfaction and lasting sex.


3. Spoon

Spoon sex may look awkward at first, but it’s also very intimate. It’s a life-saver, especially when the two of you are tired yet tempted. Here, the partners lie on the bed sideways, the penetrating partner behind the receiver. During the penetration, the receiver tends to push their hips towards the penetrator’s groin for maximum pleasurable contact. The angle of the legs can be adjusted according to one’s desire. It’s greatly recommended for when you wanna reach the G-spot.


4. Face-off

Sex, as an activity, is very intimate. But what adds deep love and romance to it are little things – like whispering cute something into each other’s ears, maintaining eye contact, being as physically close as possible, supporting your partner when you sense a hint of tiredness, and so much more. Face-off is possibly one of the most intimate sex positions. As the name suggests, the penetrating partner is on the edge of the bed or chair as the receiver sits on their lap, straddling them.

5. Doggy

Doggy-style sex is another classic and highly common sex position. Now, agreed, this may seem daunting for a beginner, but it’s definitely something you and your partner can consensually explore after experiencing sex the first few times. Here, the penetrating partner kneels down whilst the receiver bends over. This position gives more control to the penetrating partner and allows them to play around with their hands for maximum stimulation and pleasure.


6. Edge of the Bed

The receiver lies on the edge of the bed, and their partner enters them standing. The receiver can guide the penetrating partner regarding the pace and thrust depending on what feels best.


7. Golden Arch

When you’re in a romantic mood and wish to take things forward, this position may be ideal for you. Here, the penetrating partner sits on the bed with their legs straight, while the receiver sits on their thighs with bent knees. Here, the receiver can bend their back and sync the movements as per what’s most comfortable to them.


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8. Modified Doggy

But if the classic doggy seems to be too daunting, you can add a layer of twist to it. Here, the primary difference is the receiver lies on the bed. They can add a pillow underneath them to elevate their hips for a better angle.


9. The Chairman

Here, the penetrating partner would sit on a chair or any flat surface. And the receiver would be on their lap but facing away. The former can scoop the latter in. The receiver can grind their partner to get things started.


At the end of the day, however, it’s all about devoting the space and time to understand ourselves and each other’s bodies. There’s no sure-shot roadmap to great sex, but open communication and empathy can be both emotionally as well as physically satisfying. It’s during sex when people are often at their most vulnerable selves. The excitement, coupled with perceptiveness, goes along way.

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