12 Men On Reddit Share The funniest Things That’ve Happened To Them While Having Sex

Harshita Singh

In all honesty, sex is messy, it’s not like the movies and there are often many embarrassing moments while engaging in sexy-time – but with the right person, you feel safe enough to laugh about it all! Which is why we thought this Reddit thread of confessions by men talking about the funniest things they’ve experienced during sex makes for a great read. Here, take a look for yourself:

1. “I was trying to strip in a sexy way and instead ended up tripping over my own clothes and releasing a fart I was holding in.”


2. “I was going down on my girlfriend and my cat decided it was a good time to jump on the bed and just stand on my bare ass for a few seconds. Imagine feeling two little paws on each cheek, while you try not to laugh.”


3. “My SO loves bringing this up at least once a week. During foreplay, I straight passed out from a hella long day. We hadn’t seen each other in about 2 months as I work away from home on a vessel in the ocean. Takes me on average 3 flights to get home from 5 time zones away. So, I get home, we kiss, things heat up, she gets naked and sits on my lap, we kiss some more, do a lil touchy touchy… And then I pass out.

She loves making fun of me for it. She loves saying, you had a hot blonde on your lap and you were that bored of me.”


4. “My wife and I farted at the same time. We’d both been holding it in for a while. We laughed like crazy.”


5. “This guy was going down on me and his cat hopped on the bed and stared at me – the cat won. I couldn’t stop laughing though.”


6. “I was my girlfriend’s first for a lot of stuff. We were getting intimate one night and she’d never touched a guy’s tools so she ended up reaching down my pants and grabbing my balls and asking if it was my penis. It hurt…and I grunted out a strained ‘No’ and she let go. That was 5 years ago and I still reference it.”


7. “First time me and my girlfriend tried anal, she farted as I was going in. The feeling was… weird. We had to stop because she laughed which ended up making me laugh and my little rocket had gone soft.”

– Anonymous

8. “I was playing with my wife one night after dark. Eventually, I decide to get on top with her on her back. She has long bangs so I take my hand and gently brush them to the side so I could see her eyes.

She must’ve seen the look on my face after I did that. We stopped and she goes, ‘What?.’ It turns out she had just started her period and when I brushed her bangs, I left a little mark on her forehead. I apologised, and she went to the bathroom to clean up. Once she got to the bathroom and saw herself in the mirror, she started cracking up. And then I hear her say, ‘OH MY GOD YOU FUCKING SIMBA’D ME!.’ We still laugh about it to this day.”


9. “We were in doggy-style, me on the bed and him standing on the floor and somehow I slid off the mattress and my knees were on his wooden bed-frame and I didn’t notice because the dick was so good. He asked me ‘Do you feel the wood?’ But I thought he was talking about his dick so I was like ‘Yeah you feel so good inside me,’ and he said ‘No, I was talking about my bed-frame you’re sliding off and it looks uncomfortable,’ and I was like ‘Oh hahah’ and I still chuckle about it.”


10. “I was a teenager and my then girlfriend really wanted to try anal. She said ‘Put it in my ass.’ It was only then that I realised how paper thin the walls were, because my brother in the next bedroom let out a ‘Holy shit!’ Mood was killed.”


11. “Charlie horse in my calf – I started yelling and swearing and writhing in pain. For 3 seconds straight, she was freaking out but when I told her it was a cramp we both laughed, it was hard to continue in any serious fashion after that.

Also we had a full on This is 40 scene moment where the kids were both pounding on the door and she basically told me you better finish in the next 30 seconds, before the kids break the door down. Less funny in the moment, but funny in hindsight.”


12. “Was having sex with my then girlfriend and we tried some light bondage. Her hands were tied behind her back. We were doing it doggy style. I got done thrusting, and let go of the rope in which her hands were tied. She fell forward, and hit her face on the pillow on the floor in front of her. We both had a laugh but I also felt like an idiot.”


It’s totally okay to have laugh-worthy moments during sex.

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