15 People Reveal Gifts From Their Exes That They Have Kept & Our Hearts Can’t Take It

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Relationships can end due to various factors. And by the time, the breakup happens an ex has given you countless bad memories, maybe some trauma, trust issues, or even low self-esteem. And you can’t help but be happy that the relationship ended for good.


However, some lucky souls have their relationships end on a good note and they save everything associated with that relationship like a good memory or an experience. We recently came across a thread on the Ask Reddit community where people shared the things that their exes gave them that they still possess. Trust us, the answers will start the waterworks.

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1. “She sewed a sweater for my childhood teddy bear because the one he originally had was lost in the laundry. There is no way I would ever get rid of that.” – Helferlein_


2. “A pillowcase she quilted for me. That was 40 years ago and I still have it.” – GreedyNovel


3. “An 800-pound piano and I don’t play and it’s in the way.” – Zongohhh


4. “Amazing love letters. She was a beautiful writer (and person!) I haven’t looked at them in a long time, but I like that I have them as proof that I could be loved like that.” – aebersold


5. “My ex-wife was a big part of me getting off drugs and alcohol. To me, she gave me sobriety.” – Tawebuse


6. “A really beautiful wooden topographical map of a lake near my hometown. I love maps, it fits my decor style perfectly, plus he only visited my hometown, like, three times in the two years we were together. So, it reminds me of home more than anything.” – Terrible_Evidence


7. “A birthday card. It was just very sweet and well-written. We broke up on great terms but I read that card when I’m down.” – cheaganvegan

Free Range Stock

8. “A stuffed animal. Only because I can’t find it in me, at all, to throw away a stuffed animal. It has feelings!” – Odd-Faithlessness705

Vermont Teddy Bear

9. “My dog. He’s outlasted several relationships LOL. Such a good boy.” – mindles333


10. “My mattress. His was brand new and way better than mine, so we scrapped it. When he cheated and I kicked him out, he let me keep it.” – itsyobbiwonuseek


11. “Weirdly enough, academic confidence. She’s the one that pushed me to go back to college after I dropped out and now that I think about it that might have been one of the last conversations we had.” – awkwardlyexists

Finally Unchained

12. “A photo frame of me with my dad. I lost my hero seven months ago. It was thoughtful of her six years back.” – KaleidoscopeHuge9169


13. “An anklet. I’ve never taken it off, it’s been like three years. She wasn’t even nice or anything it’s just a good anklet.” – yourlocaldumbqueer


14. “She gifted me a little seed that has sprouted into a nice plant that reminds me of our late relationship. I miss her.” – GalacticPenguinX


15. “Healthy eating habits and a passion for running and biking. Yeah, she was great.” – lordpanda


Who’s chopping the onions goddamnit?!

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