10 People Share The Worst Things To Say On The First Date & They All Scream Red Flags

Vasudha Sabharwal

The dating phase can be tricky, and first dates are usually not the determinant to assess whether the other person is worth entering into a relationship with…UNLESS…they utter something absolutely horrendous.

Redditor u/TacticalBabushka recently questioned people on the renowned r/AskReddit community about the worst things to say on the first date, and the answers are really scary.


Take a look:

1. “I wasn’t planning on coming today, but the first two cancelled.”


2. “You’re fatter in person.”



3. “I saw your sister when I was going through all your facebook pics. She’s hot. Is she seeing anyone?”


4. “You totally remind me of my ex.”



5. “I know he gets a bad rap, but I think Andrew Tate is just misunderstood.”


6. “I can’t wait to touch you.”



7. “How about a BJ?”


8. “Had a guy told me ‘I love Asians, so you’re just my type.’ He then unprompted told me who his favourite Adult Film stars were and what kind of videos he enjoys watching.”



9. “Marry me!”


10. “Asks for a loan.”



According to you, what’d be the worst thing to say on the first date?

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