Let me just say out loud that SEX is a natural process and so many people have it on a daily basis. Heck, it's something that people enjoy as long as there's consent.

But all thanks to the hush-hush attitude and taboos, we have so many unanswered questions regarding it.

If you think you and I are the only ones then you should check out this Reddit thread where people shared all the doubts they were afraid to ask about sex.

Content Warning: Graphic Content

1. "How exactly does the cleanup process from Anal to vaginal sex work? It's always been a thought I try to disregard." - Jocthearies

2. "Why can’t I ride cowgirl without breaking his dick?" - pbandpickles11

3. "How the fuck do you do anal without getting shit everywhere?" - _red1rose_

4. "Why is my g-spot in my ass?" - Sandman1031

5. "For women: What does it feel like? Do you feel pressure go up to your vagina then pleasure? Or both at the same time?
And with men: What does it feel like to put your dick in there?" - UnderstandingBoth535

6. "How do you get a full-body orgasm? Like from your feet all the way up to your body. I’ve only experienced this feeling one time before when I was a teenager and never again." - Optimal-Load-2929

7. "Had this question since I discovered the magic of the G-Spot. When she squirts, where does all that liquid come from?' - Lookalikemike

8. "Do girls really want sex as much as guys sometimes?" - Pro_sandwich_eater

9. "Does it always hurt the first time?" - 123Samabcborden

10. "Am I supposed to have to pee after sex?" - ImportantVegetable

11. "Why does it hurt when I pee?" - BustingAlienCheeks

12. "If someone says next to the vagina, does that mean on the leg?" - Spectred32

Do you have any questions that you're afraid to ask? Now's the time.