16 Women Share Sexual Activities That Look Exciting But Are Actually Terribly Disappointing

Vasudha Sabharwal

One thing about sexual fantasies portrayed in pop culture is that a lot of them are just very misleading. For instance, sex in a car is too confining and can be awkward, not to mention the constant anxiety of someone watching you. Besides, those other seemingly exciting sex positions can be too darn uncomfortable in real life.


Redditor u/wendyroads on the popular r/AskWomen community asked women about sexual activities that look exciting but are quite disappointing, and the responses are quite a reality check. Take a look.

1. “Car sex. No room, akward position and no place to clean up after.”

– ALoneLilly

2. “Anonymous sex with someone you don’t love.”

– Harmless_Jennifer


3. “When they lift you up and they’re standing but your legs are folded kinda froggy style and you’re gripping their shoulders or neck. It looks incredible but I’m too focused on balance and not falling I can’t even enjoy it.”

– CantChooseAFandom69

4. “Shower sex. Beach sex. Hot tub sex.”

– drunkenknitter


5. “69!”

– estachicaestaloca

6. “One of my partners and I had the most loveliest of pic-nics in the meadow right by the lake, slight breeze, beautiful day. We decided to play around after lunch on the giant blanket we used, and let me tell you what – bugs. Bugs, more bugs, and a few more bugs. In our minds, it was just the best idea. It’s not. No one wants a cicada that close to their coochie.”

– YourCousinMoose


7. “Reverse cowgirl.”

– VeterinarianInitial9

8. “Sex on stairs. I value my ribs and knees too much to ever do that again.”

– nidena


9. “Last time my partner and I were getting frisky in the hot tub, I thought it would be fun to give him an underwater blow job and I damn near drowned.”

– FancyPickle37

10. “Scissoring 😭 dont get me wrong the act is hot but actual sensation wise… not much going on. about the same as getting humped. fun but not going to get me too far.”

– throwaway731364


11. “Shower sex. Tried it multiple times. It never works out the way you want it to. The water washes away any and all lubrication. Fun and kinky sex positions are impossible. The shower is terrific for foreplay though!”

– CutePandaMiranda

12. “Mile high club. Great to say you did it, ridiculous to do.”

– BBBandB

13. “Anything involving water, and 69.”

– pureRitual

14. “Sex on a boulder in a park is not sexy either.”

– Responsible_File_529


15. “It’s not fully disappointing but riding on top or not can be heavily affected by each partner’s weight distribution.”

– TamatoaZ03h1ny

16. “Anything involving a counter/table, besides the classic bend over.”

– HereForWhatExactly


Well, there’s a reality check we didn’t know we needed.

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