Tired Of Hearing About Red Flags? 16 People Share Signs Of A Healthy Relationship

Vasudha Sabharwal

After navigating and learning from other people’s experiences in relationships, it won’t be an unfair generalisation to say there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ relationship. The concept of ‘THE ONE’ is a fiction weaved by the movies, incongruent with real life. But there are moments in relationships when you know, in your heart of hearts, you know, it’s right. It feels easy and fits right into your jigsaw of life.


A healthy relationship doesn’t exclude lover’s tiffs, but it always finds a peaceful resolution around it. Reddit user u/Remarkable_Bit_9887 asked Redditors in the r/ask community about signs of a healthy relationship, and the responses scream of imperfectly perfect relationships.

Take a look:

1. “Having conversations that lead to change and understanding, not arguments based on ego and pain.”


2. “Being able to disagree on a matter without disrespecting or demeaning each other’s opinion.”



3. “Strong and respected boundaries.”


4. “Being able to spend time apart with no hard feelings.”



5. “I feel like casual pics with your partner on IG is fine but posting all the time is definitely weird.”


6. “When you are both with the other person because you want to be and you are a team and truly want the best for each other.”



7. “Being able to tell your partner you are not in the mood for sex and that’s the end of it. They accept it and immediately move on. No trying to ‘warm you up’. No taking it personally and acting the victim to manipulate you into doing it.”


8. “If her/his mom is not involved in the relationship and does not want to have a “saying” when it comes to decision making.”



9. “When someone doesn’t have to talk about their significant other every single time you talk to them.”


10. “The lack of screaming at each other.”



11. You’re comfortable farting around each other.


12. “When quiet moments aren’t awkward.”



13. “No jealousy from either partner with 100% trust. I can come home from work late and it’s ok, and neither of us have the urge to go through each others phones.”


14. “Not breaking up after every argument and “getting back together” after a day. The fact that this still happens in adult relationships and not just teenage relationships is ridiculous.”



15. “Not feeling the need to complain about your partner all the time.”


16. “Being able to be in the same room doing separate things and not having to fill the air with meaningless conversation. Just knowing my wife is here with me is enough.”



What do you think are signs of a healthy relationship?

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