Not Just In The ‘Adult Movies’, People Actually Have These 9 Weird Kinks

Vasudha Sabharwal

Do you have one weirdest wildest fantasy that you’re just too afraid to voice out loud? Like an irresistible kink you harbour but fear a lifetime of embarrassment. Don’t worry, sex works differently for everyone. And por…, sorry, ‘adult movies’ statistics suggest that people can be into ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING.


People on the r/AskReddit community are revealing the weirdest kinks their partners had that they just couldn’t accommodate. And some of them would really, REALLY shock you.

Reddit – Delta_hostile
Reddit – Bruser_209
Reddit – Mushroomc0wz
Reddit – FormoftheBeautiful
Reddit – ReleaseEmpty774
Reddit – DanteWrath
Reddit – SaltyFinish4032
Reddit – Acedia_spark
Reddit – NegrosAmigos

As long as it’s consensual, experimenting with sex works. In fact, trying out new things only escalates the excitement. But don’t be pushy, please. If they’re uncomfortable, that’s the end to it – not that this needs a reminder.

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