Here’s Some Adult-Themed Rentals Around The World Because Kinks Are Universal

Aaliyah Jain

When I first booked a room to be with my boyfriend, I was literally shivering because it was not a common practice back in the day. With time, hotel chains started the concept of couple-friendly rooms and it soon became pretty normal. And now, several rentals have spiced up their apartments that offer a whole range of ‘naughty experiences’.

In this article, we have listed the best ten adult-themed rentals around the world that seem to be straight out of Fifty Shades Of Grey. Sit back and take a look!

The Hollywood Reporter

1. Amsterdam 303 – New Delhi, India

Yes, that’s correct – there’s an adult-themed apartment right in the capital city. Inspired by Fifty Shades Of Grey, this place is perfect for couples who are into bondage. The room offers different furniture and decor items to spice up your love life. And of course, the red lights perfectly go with the apartment’s unique theme.


2. Red Room Apartment – Łódź, Poland

The name of the apartment says it all because it screams sexy in all imaginable ways. The bed has a lot of red-hued handcuffs and erotic wall hangings that look very exciting. With other amenities like a jacuzzi and bondage toys like leather paddles and riding crops, this place seems like a world of fantasy for a memorable experience. 


3. Dungeon Suite – La Ciotat, France

This duplex suite is designed for those who freely explore their sexuality. This luxurious sex dungeon is equipped with bondage furniture like an electric gyno chair, a cage, a hanging seat, a Saint André cross, and a bondage pillory. Apart from this, the suite also has velvet curtains and red rugs that seduce you in different ways.


4. The Brighton Dungeon – Brighton & Hove, United Kingdom

This kinky studio is perfect for an unforgettable dirty weekend by the seaside. The place has a fully equipped punishment room with high-quality bondage tools. It also has a private chamber with bars and medieval-themed interiors that make the entire studio seem majestic.


5. Fetish Themed Dungeon – Southwick, United Kingdom

As the name suggests, this sex-themed dungeon has many bondage and fetish tools. The main room of this kinky and quirky space has a spanking bench with three pairs of attached restraints and a pole to spice things up. There’s also a cage room with a massive sex swing and a wet room with a sink, toilet and shower.


6. Casa XXX1 Kinky Suite – Mexico City, Mexico

This pink-hued room is both, aesthetic and sexy. It has a bed surrounded by chains and bars that seem perfect for a fun night. Even though this private room shares a lobby with other rooms, it has a separate entrance which makes the entire experience a lot more discreet and fun. 


7. Dungeon Perpignan – Perpignan, France

This sexy and all-black-themed suite is surrounded by lush green lawns. It has a sex swing, different sets of handcuffs and many bondage tools that you might want to try when you are just starting to explore BDSM. Interestingly, one can even host an event at this studio for some kinky experiences. 


8. The Kinky House – Milano, Italy

This studio is for people who love aesthetics and have a soft corner for fetishes. There’s also a large collection of spanking tools. To make things even better, this loft also has a photo studio with lights and backgrounds for capturing your most intimate moments. Ah, this sounds so hot!


9. Kink Corner – Shoalwater, Australia

With equipment like St Andrew Cross, stocks, a liberator chaise and a cage, this apartment lets you engage in your desired level of kink with a variety of tools and a queen-sized velvet bed. There’s also a massage room with an electric blanket and a ceiling frame with a sex sling.


10. Luxxx Częstochowa – Częstochowa, Poland

This unit has two rooms, both equipped with many sexy tools and neon lights. It has a massive cage and sexy posters on the walls to add more spice to the area. The description of this place mentions that the sex tools are sanitized after every guest – which makes things so much ‘cleaner’. 


Now, these rentals sound like a complete experience, don’t they?

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