12 People Share Fitness & Health Changes That Improved Their Sex Life

Harshita Singh

The truth is that the act of sex requires good stamina, which can only be built through exercise. Cardio, HIIT and core-focused workouts become particularly effective in helping you to perform better and for longer during sex.

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So, these confessions by people where they have revealed how fitness and health changes improved their sex life are pretty interesting, because hey, we’d like to know too! Which is why we thought of sharing them with y’all as well. Here, take a look:

1. “Cardio and learning how to breathe during intense cardio.”


2. “Better cardiovascular fitness makes it easier to relax which makes the whole experience a lot more enjoyable for all participants.”


3. “Cut back on alcohol.”


4. “I was spending too much time with the weights that I was getting gassed too easily. I just added HIIT into my routine twice a week.”


5. “I used to do tons of running, sex life was okay but not great. Then I doubled my strength training and our sex life transformed into amazing.”


6. “Training abs/core. Stronger core equals the capacity to engage in many more positions.”


7. “I started cycling to work just to improve my overall health and I honestly wasn’t expecting the boost it gave me in bed. I’m in my 40s and my commute isn’t that far, just 5km each way but it’s mostly uphill on the way home in the evenings and I get an intense workout from it as some parts are particularly steep. Anyway, I’ve loads more energy now and I’m getting erections like an 18-year-old again, it’s incredible. I began doing calisthenics too and I worked my way up to two full-body workouts per week.”


8. “Stopped taking birth control pills. I was on them from the age of 18-29. Didn’t have much of a libido on them. When I went off them, wow! So that’s what it’s like to have a libido.”


9. “Keegal exercises for men.”


10. “Yoga.”


11. “I went on a whole foods plant-based diet, increased my cardio exercise (running) and made sure to get 8 hours of sleep each night. My body is at 11% body fat now, sex is better than I could have imagined before my transformation. It took 18 months to reach my peak and now I am maintaining.”


12. “Stopped watching porn, stopped drinking alcohol, worked out more/go for walks, got high as hell. Honestly, THC has done more than the others combined.”


Guess I need to hit the gym.

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