Library To Moonlit Forest: Places You Should Have Sex According To Your Zodiac

Aaliyah Jain

It’s no secret that where we have sex is more crucial than actually having sex. I mean, imagine having a brilliant sex session in a stinky room at a questionable location – gives us the chills, right? 

We know that now you are wondering about the location to have sex at the next time, and don’t fret, we have the solution. In the article below, we have listed the locations to have sex at, according to different zodiac signs. 

Let’s go through the list together, shall we?


1. Aries

These zodiac signs are known for their adventurous side and the best locations to match their nature would be under the stars that give them an adrenaline rush.


2. Taurus

These zodiac signs love comfort and all things luxe. Hence, a high-end hotel or a cabin with plush bedding is the right choice for a sensual evening with them. 


3. Gemini

These zodiac signs want variation and stimulation, and the ideal location to make love with them would be where there are unlimited energies like a club or bar.


4. Cancer

These zodiac signs are sentimental and adore the destinations that hold emotional significance. For a sizzling sex session, take them to a memorable location where you first met or for a lakeside retreat.


5. Leo

These zodiac signs crave grandeur and magnificence. Therefore, the ideal location to make love with them is at a stunning penthouse with a breathtaking view.


6. Virgo

These zodiac signs love cleanliness and organized environments. The best destination to have sex with them is an old bookstore, behind the shelves. 


7. Libra

These zodiac signs adore balance and harmony, and the right location to indulge in a sizzling sex session with them is at an enchanting boutique hotel or a vacant but picturesque garden with colorful flowers all around.


8. Scorpio

These zodiac signs are known for their intense and mysterious nature. The right destination to relish intimacy with them is a secluded cave with scented candles or a moonlit forest with nothing but nature around them.


9. Sagittarius

These zodiac signs hold a warm place for adventures. The ideal location to make love to them is either under the stars on a mountain ridge or on a hot air balloon to cater to their adventurous nature.


10. Capricorn

These zodiac signs are ambitious and love locations that showcase control and achievement, like a boardroom or an executive suite to match their characteristics.


11. Aquarius

These zodiac signs love unconventional things, and choosing locations like around art exhibitions or a restaurant with futuristic architecture is the on-point location to have some fun with them.


12. Pisces

These zodiac signs have a dreamy and romantic nature. To make love with them, pick romantic settings like a boat under the stars or a cabin alongside a tranquil lake to turn them on.


However, we would also suggest that talk this through with your partner and consider their choices too for the best intimate session.

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