Here Are 11 Interesting Sex Positions With Instructions That Honestly Even We Didn’t Know About

Manya Ailawadi

We hardly get into the technicalities associated with sex. There are positions and techniques, among other things; and these technicalities just make the act better in a lot of ways. It’s like mixing it up a little, to make ‘the act’ more happening. Of course, these positions require basic homework so that you don’t end up with a sex injury. A simple research would do.

So, we’ve done that for you; and here are some not-so-vanilla sex positions that could change things in bed.

1. Lotus

This is also referred to as tantric sex in some places, and is especially known for its intimacy. One of the partners basically sits in the other’s lap. Both the partners also face each other for a closer contact; and each of their legs are wrapped around each other. This position is considered to be pleasurable for vulva owners, given the deep penetration.

2. Magic Mountain

This position is known and advocated for mutual pleasure, especially if you’re into eye contact. Both the partners sit with their legs bent, while leaning back on their forearms and hands. It’s also about understanding what makes your partner feel good, and what does not.

3. The Rabbit

A partner sits, kneeling down on a surface, like the bed. This is almost like spooning but without lying down. You can also straddle your partner’s lap while you face away. You can also bring in a vibrator or sex toys to mix it up.

4. The Dolphin

One partner kneels down on the bed and stays upright. The other has to lay down with their hips and legs in the air, in an almost headstand position. The person who is laying down, should also have their neck, shoulders and head on the surface.

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5. Starfish

Starfish is also an intimate position, intended to make you feel closer to your partner. In this position, a partner lays on the bed with their arms and legs spread out in a way that it resembles the starfish. The other partner superimposes their body, matching each limb’s position to their partner’s.

6. Butterfly

This position requires one partner to lie down face-up with their butt at the edge of the bed and the other stands pressed up against them. The position also gives easy access to the G-spot, increasing stimulation – and this makes it satisfying for the vulva owners.

7. The Corkscrew

The Corkscrew requires one person to start flat on their back, the penetrating partner is on their knees, who then straddles one of the other partner’s thighs. The person who starts flat, then has to twist the other leg and wrap it around the penetrating partner’s waist.

8. Butter-Churner

The partner being penetrated is supposed to lay on their back with the legs raised above and behind the head. The person who is penetrating angles his penis downwards, and squats, penetrating the partner being penetrated, from above. The position allows deeper penetration and better orgasms.

9. The Bridge

The position requires arms’ strength, and the receiving partner has to make an upward-facing bridge position. They do this with the help of their arms and legs. The other partner has to kneel down, while holding the receiving partner’s hips.

10. The Linguini

The partner who’s penetrating kneels directly behind your butt, leaning slightly over your body. The person who is at the receiving end, has to lie on the side with a pillow under their head. The partner, penetrating places one hand on the back for support.

11. Pretzel Dip

The Pretzel Dip is known for its intimacy, and the emotional aspect of the act. It actually comes down to speed. The person who is being penetrated lies down on one side, and the person who penetrates holds up their partner’s leg, and then moves closer to penetrate.

Creative names!

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