Just Desi Wedding Things: Guests Were Asked To Show Aadhar Card At A Wedding In UP

Manya Ailawadi

Aadhar Card being used as an identity proof, linking it to our contact details and trying to make things hassle free is one thing. But using it for entry at a wedding, is something that we did not expect to witness so soon. It’s like we’ve travelled ahead in time, because apparently, this is happening now. THIS could be the new Aadhar Card PSA, though – no Aadhar, no entry.

Source: India.com

Of course, weddings in India always take an unexpected turn, it’s like we draw inspiration from daily soaps. But, no TV show or daily soap has ever done this (yet). A family in UP, asked guests to produce their Aadhar Cards in order to enter the hall and ‘get’ food at the wedding.

Source: Twitter

This happened in Hasanpur, where two baraats had arrived at the venue. Given that it led to a lot of chaos for the bride’s family, it was decided that the guests will have to show their identity proof for entry. While, this seems a valid solution, like every desi wedding, some ‘baraatis’ were furious because they weren’t carrying their Aadhar Cards.

Source: Twitter

Watch the video here:

This is one wedding you definitely cannot crash for food.

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