1. Recounting everything you've done for your partner.

You do it because you love doing it. But when you make 'em count afterwards, the gesture loses all its emotion, making it obvious you were keeping a note of everything.

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2. Forgetting important days and covering up with an expensive gift.

Gifts can make someone happy for just a shot period of time. Real happiness is when your partner remembers the small things which actually are quiet big.

3. Keeping score of who screwed up more number of times.

Relationships are about moments, moments worth remembering and not a race where keeping a score would make you reach somewhere.

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4. Doing something in order to get something in return.

Expectations are bound to pop up but have you ever tried doing something without expecting anything but a smile on the other person's face?

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5. Calling your partner 'everything'.

It is amazing when someone is an important part of our life but the moment you make them your entire life, you'll end up losing your own self.

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6. Encouraging competition between two siblings.

Parents want their children to excel but how far is it justified to compare them and make them compete with each other? Rather, they should accept their individuality and encourage them.

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7. Accepting or justifying everything about your partner just because you love them.

No one is perfect. If people are wrong, they need to be told so. Loving them unconditionally shouldn't blind you from their faults.

8. Making an insensitive remark and passing it off as a 'joke'.

There's a difference between cracking a joke and being a complete jerk. And everyone needs to figure out that line!

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9. Asking for your partner's passwords in the name of trust.

If you truly trust your partner, you wouldn't need to invade their private space.

Source: psychologytoday

10. Comparing your partner with other people.

Comparison will always belittle them even if you did not do it intentionally. If you love them, love them for who they are.

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11. Parents taunting and beating up their children.

Violence is never the solution. Instead, sit and talk and make them learn things.

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12. Not saying anything just because they are elders.

Elders might have more experience but this does not justify their wrong actions.

13. Informing your partner about literally everything you did in a day.

Invest your time in something productive. Keeping a check or updating them will never work in your favour. This habit can certainly turn toxic for you and for your relationship.

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14. Not sharing your money troubles when friends plan a scene.

Everything comes at a cost. Fun too!

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15. Expecting friends to be there for you without considering their schedules.

We all have our set of grievances and friends to share them with. But our friends too have their own life.

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16. Making fun of a particular friend all the time without realizing how they feel about it.

We all say friends will understand. But sometimes they simply don't because we all have different definitions for what's funny.

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17. Parents interfering in their child's choice of academics.

You certainly can not force your child to do something you like.

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18. Pointing out the child's mistake in front of guests and relatives.

Public embarrassment will only destroy the child's self-confidence. And also, project you in a bad light.

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Think before you call these things normal.