10 Women Share Changes They Made In Their Period Care That Changed The Game For Them

Vasudha Sabharwal

We all remember that day when our lives changed, and our bodies decided to prove to us every month that we aren’t pregnant. That day period math became a thing, and we began making plans according to our biological clock. Menstruation is a journey, and every step of the way, we evolve, learn about our bodies, and form our unique self-care routine.


On average, a woman bleeds for about seven years in their lifetime, according to UNICEF. And periods work differently for every woman. While some experience relatively cramps-free menstruation, there are many others who struggle to get up from bed on the first two days. 

The period care routine also varies from person to person, so we asked women about changes they made over the years in their period care routine that were life-changing. Take a look:


1. “Strong scents irk me a lot. So, I switched to fragrance-free cotton pads and that was one major much-needed change for me. Other than that, another life-saving hack I have recently incorporated is using panty liners on days when I think I might get periods (for days leading up to periods and the last couple of days of periods). I’m so much more relaxed about not staining my clothes than I ever was.”

– Snigdha

2. “I started using cups very recently and honestly, I regret I had not done it before. They are environment-friendly, and largely leakage-proof. You can barely tell they are even there. A total game-changer. I can’t believe I was so sceptical about them previously.”

– Anonymous


3. “I switched to rash-free pads since the stuff I was using was giving me serious boils and itching every time. They were so taxing to wear. I’ve been using Sirona’s cotton pads recently, they’re like 100% rash-free and, TBH, have been a major life-saver for me, personally. At least I don’t have to deal with rash discomfort on the top of everything I’m going through.”

– Nidhi

4. “I’ve realised prioritising my nutrition and health especially doing menstruation days works wonders. I try to increase my protein in-take during those days and stay hydrated. Also, to deal with my period pain, I use heat packs and try to take warm showers and sometimes drink a glass of haldi-doodh.”

– Harshita


5. “Heating pads, I mean, they are a must for me. I get a lot of cramps and the heating pad really relieves the pain. And honestly, it’s so much better than popping medicines.”

–  Aaliyah

6. “Nothing much. I drink lots of green tea and hot water, it helps with the cramps. I had previously consulted a gynecologist about my symptoms when I was PMS-ing. Prescription medication and some changes in the diet during the time worked wonders for me.”

–  Manya


7. “Iron supplements. I have super long, heavy, clotting periods from the copper iud. I take iron now, and it’s sooooo much easier. Still heavy, but very little cramping and clotting. I probably only take 2 advil a month now.”

–  upakriek

8. “Switching to cups has been so liberating for me. For years, I used pads and, if not anything, they altered the way I walked during heavy-flow moments. But after using cups a couple of times, you actually don’t realise you’re wearing them. I have legit pulled off trips on period days only because of menstrual cups (this, I didn’t believe was ever possible)”

–  Shubhi


9. “Using cotton pads. All the pads I’ve previously used have given me rashes and so much discomfort, especially after the second day. Wearing harsh pads when the flow is relatively less really messes up with your skin. I’m using Sirona pads right now and they are working well for me.”

–  Ashima

10. “Not a life hack but buying a menstrual cup was one of the best decisions I’ve made to make my life more convenient.”

–  jewelrider


Good period care can really work wonders! If you had a game-changer period care hack to suggest, what would it be?

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