It feels like this isn't the 21st century anymore. Already, the world couldn't care less about women's reproductive health. Now, they are depriving women of bodily autonomy as well. How low this can get?

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Now, let's talk about India. If you're an Indian woman and you're a little hesitant about making a visit to a gynecologist, it won't be a surprise because some doctors out there love moral policing.

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She took me behind a curtain and said to me, “Your mother is outside this room, be honest with me so I can treat you appropriately, are you sexually active?” I said yes, she asked if I used protection I said yes and I also test for STI/STDs every 6 months. She proceeded to judge me and say “You are doing all this, are you at least intending to marry this person,” to which I just nodded. I walk out of the curtain and my mother was right there, extremely furious, she goes on to prescribe hormonal birth control and we leave.

Naturally, women find it intrusive and offensive to talk about their marital status with the gynecologist. Because how is marital status even related to being sexually active or not? How does it matter whether I am married or unmarried if your follow-up question is going to be about my sex life anyway?

Well, this Doctor on Twitter has an answer that didn't really gel with most people.

But first, WTF is 'lovely woke women'? Condescending much? Honestly, 'lovely woke women' wish to understand the relevance and get treated without prejudices.

Some people agreed with the Doctor's explanation.

Don't appreciate the terrible connotation of 'woke' when people are asking something out of genuine concern about something that seems to be really problematic. Especially in the 21st century!

Several others argued that the Doctor completely missed the point and didn't address the concern at large. How is marital status medically related to a diagnosis?

Some doctors even agreed that there are gynecologists who actually judge women for being sexually active.

Women feel uncomfortable in answering questions about marital status to their gynecologists because there are doctors who wear moral lenses of patriarchy and judge them for absolutely nothing.

If you're somebody who is still skeptical about whether there are judgmental doctors at all. Here, read some people sharing their first-hand experiences.

Firstly, isn't virginity a social construct? Secondly, how does it become an impediment in our way to get a treatment?

Women's reproductive health needs hell lot of attention.

Marriage in no way implies the extent of our sexual activities.

'Been naughty?' That's not even funny. We respect your time crunch. We also come for diagnosis and not remarks likes these.

The problem is moral policing. The problem is the stigmatization of something supernatural. In an environment that already gets too worked up about sex, we don't want our doctors to make it worse for us. Because then, there will legit be nowhere else to go for some of us. We don't want to question anybody's credibility. Our ask is very simple. An objective, unbiased treatment.