Techbro Saying Women Are Valued More Than Men Has Desi Twitter Asking What Rock He’s Living Under

Techbro Saying Women Are Valued More Than Men Has Desi Twitter Asking What Rock He’s Living Under

Vasudha Sabharwal

So we scroll our Twitter feeds on a daily basis, and the quest to find people making sense is not easy since the platform is also brimming with people expressing problematic opinions. Consider this one as an example: a guy has tweeted how gender equality is a flawed concept because women are ALWAYS given more protection over men.

He then compares women with fishes and men with LIONS (unsurprising) to suggest fishes can’t run and lions can’t swim (which is not true), in an attempt to make sense of his rhetoric.

I’d say no more, read the tweet for yourself.

To people strongly believing ‘gender equality is a flawed concept,’ I’d like to say that I agree! Our society has, by default, given superiority to men over women, who are ‘supposed’ to be tethered within the four walls of their houses. The burden of running a household automatically falls upon women (mothers, sisters, wives, daughters) who’re supposed to feed laid-back male members of the family as they give zero effs about putting their own plates into the dishwasher.

Additionally, women in the corporate space have to go through daily sexism cos male bosses assume that they will be better at making minutes of the meeting rather than contributing to the discussion. Finally, when women speak up about their rights and safety and call out the apparent sexism they go through on a daily basis, hundreds of men will gather around to exclaim ‘men too’ or protest how biased ‘female privileges’ are. SO YES, THE SYSTEM IS FLAWED COS IT’S A LONG WAY FROM BECOMING A REALITY IN ITS TRUE SENSE.

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But you can ignore my rant cos Twitter has already given a fact-check.


The industry is abode to most sexist people known to humankind.

Ahh, yes! It’s always shiz like MEN TOO or NOT ALL MEN.

Roe v. Wade.


No one, I say, no woman I’ve met in my life has said that she has not ever encountered jerks on the road!

Feminism is so largely misunderstood that it’s appalling.

I don’t know whether it’s sad or hilarious to witness deluded beings.

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