Babies are cute. Baby animals are cuter. But baby animals being badass is a sight that will turn anyone's heart into a puddle of mush.

Here are some baby animals trying their best to be badass but being adorable at the same time.

Look at this cheetah cub chewing on that branch like a boss.

Source: EMGN


Source: EMGN

Or this lil' one asking everyone to calm down. (I'm guessing)

Source: Df

"No! I told you I don't want my picture taken."

Source: PictureCorrect

"What'chu lookin' at? Huh?" 

Source: TopTenz

Attack mode!


"Imma howl like a pro!"

Source: EMGN

"Yes, mother! Let me guide you."

Source: EMGN

"Why isn't my tail as big as yours?"

Source: Pinterest

"Stay in your limits, pupper. Kitteh is your boss now."

Source: Petcarefacts

"I will smother you....with love."

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"We don't care about what you think of us."

Source: Bearsja

"Look at my muscles."

Source: b'Source: Pinterest'

Mortal combat, kitteh style.

Source: Jansgephardt

"I'm the king of the world."

Source: Media.mnn

"They see me rollin', they hatin."

Source: Whateverskateboard

Need. NOW! 

Feature image source: Apherald