While you struggle to make a mark in life, virtually or in reality, there are animals who have found their calling and are now Instagram celebrities! Having millions of followers, these animals are slaying it on Instagram with their too-much-to-handle cuteness.

Be ready to get that warm and fuzzy feeling in your heart and twinkle in your eyes.

1. Jiffpom

Pomeranian, US, 7M Followers

Just look at that cutey!

Who would say no to this adorable little pooch?

2. Nala

Cat, US, 3.5M Followers

This can put a smile on anyone's face.

Yoga time!

3. Doug the Pug

Pug, US, 3M Followers

So damn cute!

Netflix and chill!

4. Shibainu Maru

Shiba Inu, JP, 2.6M Followers

I can't even...

Look at that expression. Oh, it can melt anyone!

5. Grumpy Cat

Cat, US, 2.4M Followers

Grumpy, but super cute!

It's like the eyes are asking, "So you make memes using my pictures?"

6. Marnie the Dog

Shih Tzu, US, 2.1M Followers

Always cute and playful!

The pooch with its stuffed toy. Adorable!

7. Tuna

Chiweenie, US, 1.9M+ Followers

Such innocent eyes!

When Tuna goes to the beach.

8. Juniper Foxx

Fox, US, 1.9M Followers

Such a furball of happiness.

Who's a pretty doggo?

9. Lil Bub

Cat, US, 1.6M+ Followers

The cutest li'l kitten!

Look cute and play games. Wish I could do that all day.

10. Loki

Husky, US, 1.6M Followers

That majestic look!

Resting it off after being adorable all day.

Can you help falling for the charm and cuteness of these animals?