A few days ago, China lifted the 25-year-long ban on the tiger bone and rhino horn trade. After facing significant international outcry and pressure from environmental groups, Chinese Government decided to postpone the ban reversal.

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The ban reversal was done to support medical research and healing. Experts gauged that this would lead to increase in black market activity dealing in tiger bone and rhino horn, consequently endangering the species.


According to NY Times, Ding Xuedong, a top official with State council, China said,

“The Chinese government has not changed its stance on wildlife protection and will not ease the crackdown on illegal trafficking and trade of rhinos, tigers and their byproducts.”

According to The Straits Times, Ding has neither mentioned any reason for this action, nor stated whether the ban would be permanent or not.


This is definitely a win for wildlife conversation. However, whether or not this will be permanent only time will tell.