DISCLAIMER: The following article carries disturbing images of animal cruelty and abuse.

Recent disturbing pictures of Chinese researchers using live pigs as dummies for test crashes have been released revealing yet another  case of animal cruelty. 

According to Daily Mail, the pigs were intended to ‘mimic children of six years old’. 


15 pigs who were barely 70-80 days old were strapped to children’s car seats and then placed in high-speed simulations for the purpose of a test. 

The speed of the simulators was as high as 30mph (40 kph). 


Seven of the piglets ended up dying on the spot, while the rest of them couldn’t survive more than 6 hours of the impact. 


The piglets suffered from a range of injuries including ‘abrasion, contusion, laceration, bleeding and fractures’ alongside major internal bleeding. 

Daily Mail

Not only that, before these young piglets were strapped on to baby seats, the basic amenities of life i.e food and water for 24 hours.

News Week

According to Daily Mail, the researchers justified the use of immature pigs by comparing the anatomic structure to a human child. 


PETA has appealed to the Institute for Traffic Medicine in China in a bid to stop this ‘cruel’ practice from taking place. Zachary Toliver from PETA further said

Despite the existence of sophisticated animal-free models, experimenters continue to fasten abused, frightened animals into car seats and crash them into walls until their bodies are bloody, bruised, and mangled. 

While most of the countires including the States has completely banned the practice of using animals for such cruel tests, it is disheartening and alarming to witness such incidnets.